Is Minimally Invasive Dentistry as Effective?

While traditional dentistry has a tendency to be invasive and can result in losing your natural teeth, minimally invasive dentistry focuses on preserving your existing teeth and tissue. This is a great outcome, right? Yet you might wonder whether minimally invasive dentistry is as effective as traditional dentistry. The answer is yes.

Does Minimally Invasive Dentistry Work?

Minimally invasive does not mean the same thing as doing the bare minimum. Instead, it features respect for health and commitment to helping you keep your natural teeth and gums. The focus is on promoting the health and wellness of your mouth instead of treating problems with invasive measures. This dentistry aims to prevent problems, keep problems from progressing and solve problems with the least amount of tissue loss.

Its outcomes are often more effective than traditional dentistry in terms of preserving natural teeth, reducing pain and saving money. It doesn’t involve the costly methods traditional dentistry uses to replace and restore teeth and gums, focusing instead on keeping the tissue you have healthy for as long as possible.

How Does Minimally Invasive Dentistry Differ?

This type of dentistry uses different techniques compared to traditional dentistry. Your dentist will provide you with an individual plan for caring for your oral health at home. It will be custom to your history, lifestyle and the bacteria levels in your mouth.

Minimally invasive dentistry uses air abrasion to gently clean the teeth and sealants to protect your teeth from bacteria. Instead of the invasive method of crowns, this type of dentistry uses inlays and onlays that leave more tooth tissue intact. Another important part of this dentistry is remineralization, which helps restore lost tooth enamel to protect your teeth from decay.

At Sharon Ben-Roohi, DDS & Associates, we provide minimally invasive dentistry within our practice. We have a preventative focus that puts the emphasis on restoring and maintaining optimal health, and we provide a holistic approach that takes whole-body health into account. Our practice would be happy to talk to you about your minimally invasive dentistry options, so feel free to reach out with questions or make an appointment to try it yourself.

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