How Is Holistic Dentistry Different from Traditional Dentistry?

Holistic medicine is becoming more and more accepted by the general population as a viable form of care for an array of ailments and health conditions. Holistic dentists are much the same as any holistic health practitioner, they try to use a more natural approach to their treatments. If you have never visited a holistic dentist, it is a good idea to get familiar with the differences that exist between these professionals and a traditional dentist.

Treating infections and disease can be different.

Holistic dentists have the ability to treat oral infections and diseases much the same as any other dentist, but the methodology used can be somewhat different. For instance, if you have a progressive oral disease, such as some form of gum disease, a holistic dentist will take a whole-body, whole-health approach to treat the condition to slow the progression of the disease.

Structural dysfunction will be tended to more carefully.

Structural dysfunction is a medical term that refers to dysfunctions in bodily structures. Oral structures can be dysfunctional just the same as other bodily and skeletal systems. A holistic dentist takes special care to tend to structural dysfunction when they treat problems you have in your mouth. For example, if there are issues with the upper part of your spine that are affecting how you bite because your jaw is often out of alignment, the dentist may refer you to a chiropractor for an adjustment before they proceed with treatment.

Natural products are used for typical treatments.

When you visit a traditional dentist for something like teeth whitening or other procedures, chemicals are often used to perform those procedures. When you visit a holistic dentist, however, more natural products are used for treatments. For example, fluoride has the potential to harm the human body if someone is overexposed to it, so a lot of holistic dentists use products that are fluoride-free.

Holistic dentistry may be somewhat different in methodology and approach, but the end result is still the same: to help you have a perfectly shareable and healthy smile. If you are interested in holistic dentistry or would like to make an appointment, reach out to us at Sharon Ben-Roohi, DDS & Associates for help.

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