3 Ways Biologic Dentistry Benefits Your Health

Even though you may be accustomed to standard dental care, there are alternative dental treatment methods that are just as effective but more on a holistic level. Biologic dentistry is just that. With a keen focus on treating the patient wholly, biologic dentistry is a good option for people who may have issues with traditional medical care. Here is a look at a few things that this form of dentistry is good for your health.

You won’t be exposed to radiation during x-rays.

Biologic dentistry aims to eliminate unnecessary exposure to things that could potentially be harmful to the body. Since x-rays expose the body to radiation, most biologic dentists will do all they can to avoid having to perform an x-ray. Most dental procedures can be performed without having to do an x-ray.

Your body will not be exposed to unnecessary metals.

When you get a filling from a traditional dentist, they may use something like amalgam to fill the cavity. Amalgam is made out of metal materials that can contain mercury, which is questionable to have permanently in place in your mouth. A biologic dentist will avoid amalgam fillings and instead utilize more modern materials like composite resin that is free of BPA that do not contain mercury, tin, or copper elements.

Your teeth will be repaired in a way that helps your body.

Your treatment procedures when you visit a biologic dentist in Santa Monica can look a lot different because every procedure performed will take the health of the patient into consideration. For example, if your teeth are going to be cleaned, no chemicals will be used during the procedure. Or, if you go in to have your teeth whitened, natural substances or halogen light may be used to do the whitening procedure.

Talk to Us About Biologic Dentistry in Santa Monica, CA

Overall, taking care of your teeth should be good for your body on every level; it should not cause other risks. If you are interested in biologic dentistry for yourself and your family members, reach out to us at the office of Sharon Ben-Roohi DDS and Associated. We are a multidisciplinary practice with a focus on holistic care.

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