A Look at Ozone Dentistry: Common FAQs

Modern technology has stepped in and changed a lot of common treatments in dentistry. One such modern treatment method is ozone dentistry. Even though many Americans have not heard about ozone dentistry, this treatment has been popular in Europe for several years. Take a look at a few things every modern dental patient should know about ozone treatments for the teeth.

What Is Ozone Dentistry?

Ozone is a derivative of purified oxygen. It has the ability to target and kill about 99 percent of bacteria that can be found in the mouth, as well as in other parts of the body. Ozone gas is used to target areas of decay on the teeth that may otherwise have to be drilled to eradicate. In about 10 minutes, the bacteria inside the decay is gone, which means the tooth can oftentimes remineralize and start to heal.

Why is Ozone Dentistry Good for Children?

Children often have the hardest time sitting still in the dentist’s chair when they have a cavity-ridden tooth. Even though numbing agents are used to numb the area before drilling, the situation can be an unfamiliar and scary situation for a child that does not quite understand what it is that is taking place. With ozone gas treatments directed at the decay, your child will not have to be numbed, the treatment process is quick and simple, and there is no discomfort involved.

Will Insurance Pay for Ozone Dentistry?

Unfortunately, because ozone treatment is a relatively new idea in the United States. Most insurance companies will only recognize traditional treatments in their plans. Therefore, most insurance companies do not recognize ozone therapy as a type of treatment and the costs are not covered.

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Overall, ozone dentistry is a revolutionary way to treat people with certain dental conditions. If you are interested in learning more about ozone dentistry, reach out to us at the offices of Dr. Sharon Ben-Roohi & Associates in Santa Monica, CA for more information or to schedule an appointment.